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Carbon Offsets: You know it makes 'non'sense.

Suppose that a friend of yours is trying to lose weight, and he tells you, "If I eat this salad, it will be good for me. So then I can have cake for dessert." What would you tell your friend? (click here to read me - its good)

February: Delay in installation, apparently windsave are re-programming their windmills. Meanwhile windsave are refusing installation in certain areas where there is insufficient wind - well done! My trees grow sideways in a North Easterly direction, I rather think that indicates sufficient wind from the South West! - Its now Three years since I first asked to go on the waiting list!

Had the survey in October, its now Januray 2007 and I haven't heard a thing from the installers Windsave! I have emailed windsave and they said they would chase the installers but no movement - all this wind going to waste.

October 2006 - I've been given a date - Mid October - for the Installation Survey for a Windsave turbine!

A slightly alternative look at who should consider Solar Energy along with a few facts.

When I first looked seriously at Solar Energy - I had a house - built in stages from 1780 through till now and was interested in the solar options - I didn't know where to start, who to ask for advice and what to spend.

I have achieved loads, learnt a great deal and spend too much, though I am now starting to get some payback.

The target: A carbon neutral house, without starting from scratch, which is warm and cheap to run.

How: By considering all aspects such as insulation, energy saving and generation and using the most appropriate technology.


solar energy house

What next?

Lessons I am learning.

Though the PV is very much a case of install then forget it, any excess electricity is sent to the grid, the Solar Thermal needs a bit more thought.

If the boiler has heated the hot water cylinder, the solar, however hot the sun is, won't get a chance, the solar panels shut down when the tank reaches the preset working temperature. I've set the boiler so that it heats the cylinder to a max of about 50C, the solar so it goes up to 60C

The solar water heating will cope with all heating from mid May through to the end of September

During a wet and cloudy August or July, the solar heating doesn't quite keep up with the hot water use - wife not happy. In this case I can't get in to recommission the boiler as the swifts have taken up residence and they object to me spending too much time near their chicks - 2nd brood of the year!

Its a hard water area, time to consider a water softener or some kind of water treatment in order to keep the hot water cylinder happy. I think that the stated energy generated doesn't seem to be matched by the volume of hot water.

So that I use even more of the self generated solar PV electricity, I have fitted timer switches on my freezers so that they automatically switch off duirng the middle part of the night. these also have an extra layer of expanded foam to keep the cold in.

Front Windows: We were planning on replacing our front windows which are wooden box sash but single glazed. On looking at the various options we almost settled on highly insulating scandinavian double glazed units. But though the brochure prices indicate about £600 a window, the quoated price is nearer £2000! I have 7 windows to replace, that means £14,000... Wow!

Does it really cost £2,000 to make a single double glazed window out of what must be standard shaped bits of wood? Well, we are sticking with the original windows which will be repaired and have ordered secondary glazing at a total of less than £1,300 for all the windows!

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